Qualtrics Core XM

A market research platform that produces actionable insights and detailed metrics on current trends


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Qualtrics Experience Management is an assessment tool for brands and businesses to assess their performance, customer satisfaction, employee performance, services, and products. This way, they are able to optimize the experiences of everyone involved in the business process.

Features and tools

Qualtrics Surveys

It is a useful tool for collecting feedback. It is made efficient with the available multiple inbuilt survey templates. It eases and quickens the process of gathering useful input. Aside from the survey templates, it has a survey editor that offers effective analysis of feedback as well as reporting.


It helps in building company brands by increasing awareness, sales, shares, and customer loyalty through brand tracking and provision of insights that can be put into practice. It is dynamic and capable of boosting decision making, especially in management by the heads of marketing and other officials.


It manages and helps to improve customer experience. It helps companies to create personalized relationships with each of their customers as the companies can oversee and respond promptly to all customer issues. It has helped customer experience managers to offer quality experiences to customers.


It gathers feedback on experiences of employees. The kinds of feedback gathered include technology experience, engagement levels of employees, on boarding. It assists human resource officers, talent management officers, development president, and other related officials to build employee experiences that enables them to retain the best workforce. It assists in strengthening the current work teams as well.


It is a one-stop solution for data. It assists customer insight managers and market research analysts and other related officials to perform market segmentation and perform efficient concept testing. It monitors response from customers, analyses sentiments, alerts on noticed trends, predicting behaviors, and reporting on insights.


It is a valuable tool for the head of product, market insights manager, user experience researcher, and head of innovation among other related officials. It helps them to create unique products. They are able to improve brands to cultivate customer retention. It is apt in collecting and analyzing market and consumer insights.


The subscriptions for qualtrics are paid annually and start from $5,000. The pricing varies according to the number of features you need and the number of people or teams who will be using the features. The size of your business is a contributing factor to the amount you will pay yearly.


  • Simplifies research
  • Flexible thus easy to use
  • Free trial is available
  • The various survey templates enable distribution of unique customized survey links
  • One can download data from surveys and using a format of choice
  • Ability to customize almost everything


  • Inability o use some features for example the conjoint feature once you have a subscription, until you upgrade.
  • The process of collaborating with other qualtrics users is full of friction
  • Not straightforward enough for new users
  • No warning on the button that submits surveys therefore chances of submitting surveys accidently are very high

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Survey Distribution
  2. Question Types
  3. Branching/Skip Logic

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Branding
  2. Data Exporting
  3. Survey Builder
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Provo, UT
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